We love to solve problems!

And we love to solve the problems that matter. To find the easiest and quickest way to solve it. To create a solution to the problem that gets people excited and inspired by it.

We're based in Copenhagen, Denmark and we’ve been building software for 35+ years combined. In the beginning we would make big and sophisticated solutions for our clients. But over time, we realised that it was only a small part of our products that actually solved their problem.

So when we met with our clients we would listen. Just listen. Listen to all the problems they had. Listen to all these amazing ideas they had. They could speak for hours and hours and we would get to know them and their company. But when they were done we would ask: “Of all these problems, which single problem accounts for 90% of your problems?”. Because that was the problem we wanted to focus on.

How can we create a solution to the climate crisis that inspires people to share it and help it grow exponentially?”

Inspired by startups

One of the biggest problems we are facing today is the climate crisis. It will require the help from many different places and require a lot of people working together. So it needs to be simple and easy. We’ve always been fascinated by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many other incredible startups. How they inspire people by giving them a voice. To pursue their passion. To spread ideas. To work together.

Because that’s what separates startups from traditional companies and charities. To grow fast by encouraging people to work together and inviting their friends, families and followers. So how can we create a solution to the climate crisis that inspires people to share it and help it grow exponentially?

Sustain the chain

But we also think startups should do better. Actually, we think all companies should do better. Imagine if every company made a difference as part of their core business - “You buy X, we help Z”. How would the world look then?

The success of most companies are made by everyone in the work/supply chain. Yet it’s a few people that make hundreds if not billions of dollars, while the rest is forgotten and in most cases not even taken care of. We want to inspire companies to do better. To prove that it is possible to sustain the chain.

100% self funded

We want to be honest and transparent. We are not a non-profit company. But we are not a for-profit company either. We are a company that wants to do good and set an example. It shouldn’t be an excuse to not make a positive impact just because you’re a for-profit.

One of the main reasons startups and companies can’t do as much good as they want, is because of investors. The point of an investor is to make money. That’s why they don’t sustain the chain, because their purpose is to make as much money as possible. Mælt will never take in investors. We are 100% self funded and we always will be.

As you can see in the graph above, we are not making any money from mælt yet. We’ve been sustaining ourselves out of our own pockets for the last 6 months. When we start to make money, we will have a limit on how much we can make each year and a limit on how much we’ll be able to make in our lifetime at the company.

And from this train of thought, mælt was born.

You made it!

We hope our story inspired you and made you think about what a company is or should be. And we hope that you want to help the cause.